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Project Title:   O' Tidings of the Angelic Division Comfort and Joy
Item:   * Performance CD--NEW ITEM
Price:   $69.95

The Performance CD is the same as the Listening CD, EXCEPT, the vocals are lower in volume.

Why a Performance CD?

We've found that when singing along with the listening CD, when turned up enough to hear the music track, the vocals are too loud and drown out the singers. In a performance, this CD can be turned up for everyone to hear the music without the vocals on the CD being too loud. That way, you can hear your choir singing.

Why not use a split track?

You can, but you might not have a CD player that can control each side in order to turn up or down the vocal level. Or you may not have a sound engineer to control the levels. With this CD, you can just put it in ANY CD player and press PLAY. You can control your own CD player from the stage. That's it!

Why not just use a piano or guitar to sing with?

That's always a good idea...but you might want some help reinforcing the singers. And often, a pianist or guitarist isn't available for all your rehearsals and performances, AND, with this CD, you still have some vocals on the track, helping reinforce your choir.

The download version consists of sound files to make your own CD.
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