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Leigh's Lullabies
By Pam Andrews

Lullabies to listen to and enjoy. These songs would work really well for nap time or any other time where you need mellow background music.We have recorded a vocal and instrumental version of the music. You receive both versions on the same CD!!! A portion of the proceeds of this product will be donated to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nasvhville, TN.

01 Rockabye/Brahm's Lullaby_______12 Rockabye/Brahm's Lullaby-Instrumental
02 Baby, Baby___________________13 Baby, Baby-Instrumental
03 My Angel_____________________14 My Angel-Instrumental
04 Twinkle, Twinkle_______________15 Twinkle, Twinkle-Instrumental
05 Hush Little Baby_______________16 Hush Little Baby-Instrumental
06 All Night All Day_______________17 All Night All Day-Instrumental
07 Baby_________________________18 Baby-Instrumental
08 All Through the Night____________19 All Through the Night-Instrumental
09 Down In the Valley______________20 Down In the Valley-Instrumental
10 My Little Buccaroo ______________21 My Little Buccaroo-Instrumental
11 Jesus Loves Me________________22 Jesus Loves Me-Instrumental

Song Title Length Sample   
1 Leigh's Lullabies Vocal Demo
2 Leigh's Lullabies Instrumental Demo
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